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Why Pete loves Meat Loaf

From the archive, first published Friday 30th May 2003.
IT'S massive, it's meaty - and it will be the ultimate big night out for Meat Loaf fans.
I am talking about Meat Loaf - The Show, performed by none other than Peat Loaf.
Peat will be performing classic hits such as Dead Ringer For Love, Bat Out Of Hell and Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad when they come to Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, on Wednesday, June 4.
I caught up with lead singer Pete Rossi to find out about how he ended up with such an unusual career.
"I have been called a dead ringer for Meat Loaf many a time!" says Pete, who hails from Scotland.
"I was involved in quite a bad motorcycle accident, and was laid up for seven to eight years.
"I ballooned up - I used to be 12-and-a-half stone but I eventually started to get bigger."
Pete had always been a big Meat Loaf fan, years before he began impersonating him.
"His music got me through the trauma of the accident," he says.
Pete, who has been playing his hero for seven years, has met Meat Loaf three times.
"The first time I met him, in Edinburgh at the opening ceremony of an HMV store, I turned up in all the stage gear for a laugh," he says.
"His face was a picture - he thought, wow!
"I was doing the tribute stuff around the time and he was really pleased to see me."
Pete has also met Meat Loaf a couple of times backstage at concerts.
He was even the rocker's own choice to play him in a film of his life in 1999, called To Hell and Back.
But because the Meat Loaf fan had no previous acting experience the role did not come off.
Pete may have a lovely Scottish accent in real life, but in his stage show he emulates his idol 100 per cent by speaking in an American accent.
"My gigs are as close as it gets to a Meat Loaf concerts," says Pete.
"I love all Meat Loaf's tracks and have got most of his records.
"I'm looking forward to coming here. This will be my first time in Worcester."
From the archive
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