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Peat Loaf Live in the UK

Saturday 5 March 2022
Live Room, Cleckheaton
Tickets available from

Saturday 21 May 2022
The Stirling Castle, Bridlington
Tickets available from

Saturday 30 July 2022
45 Live, Kidderminster
Tickets available from

Thursday 4 August 2022
Golspie Gala Week
Saturday 13 August 2022
Players Theatre, Penrith
Tickets available from

Sunday 4 September 2022
Fields of Gold Festival
Tickets available from

Saturday 10 September 2022
Rocknrolla's, Paisley
Tickets available from

Friday 2 December 2022
The Windsor Hotel, Kirkcaldy
Tickets available from

Saturday 16 December 2022
The Empire, Rochdale